Clothing for women is getting edgier every day but the classics never go out of style. In a contemporary twist, we’ve launched a new range of womenswear with trendy pieces in different cuts, lengths and forms for all your style needs.

Cold shouldered tops are all the rage, and we believe in keeping up with the times. Depending on your level of comfort, we’ve put together two creations that will help keep your fashion game strong. The black piece comes with a short front and slightly longer back for a stylish detail. The bold red knee-length piece comes with a deep back slit.

Braving the cold is best done stylishly. The long grey full-sleeved pullover comes with an uneven edge that adds a nice finish to your outfit.

Picking between funky short and graceful long tops can be a challenge, but what if we said we can give you both together? This long sleeved black item softly falls over one side, making your style the ultimate accessory!

Comfortable dresses are every woman’s go-to outfit. We give you everything you’re looking for – knee length, a neutral colour and the option between short and long sleeves. A stylish pair of shoes and statement earrings is probably all you need to get going!