Layering is one of the easiest ways to add some colours, textures and patterns to your look. With this simple idea, you can bring in a lot more variety to your outfit, by pairing some plain old t-shirts and shirts in the right way.


Light coloured shirt jackets, like these in washed blue and grey, offer a whole lot of options for colours you can wear underneath. You can either go with a light coloured t-shirt inside and pair with washed jeans, or opt for a dark coloured tee with dark blue or black pants.

Violets offer an immediate twist in your look, and can be easily paired with printed tees as well. Go bold with floral t-shirts that add a lot more colour to your outfit.

For the ladies, the options for layering are innumerable. But for those days when you want to dress down but still look well put together, we recommend a pair of dark blue jeans with a light or pastel coloured tank top. Throw on a denim jacket in blue or black, or even a light cotton shirt to complete your stylish look.