Making the transition from indoors to outdoors usually involves an outfit change, and on busy days, this may seem like such an uphill challenge. But our very own Bollywood celebrities as well as international models have been changing this, by embracing the athleisure look when on the move. Sweat suits, which include a sweatshirt and sweatpants, save you time and effort, making you feel and look stylish at the same time.

Grey and black is a much-favored combination, because you can insert just a tad bit of colour, with a cap or shoes, to transform your look. This set comes with dark grey pants and a hooded sweatshirt. The top is a zipped piece, with full black sleeves and a light grey strip along with the waist.

Since sweat suits constitute a whole outfit, we prefer neutral shades that give you the opportunity to play with accessories. But we never forget to add a bit of zing! This all-white item comes with stitched patches in different colours, to ensure it doesn’t look dull. When paired with a coloured or patterned t-shirt, this outfit really does have oomph!