What if we told you that we could plan your looks for you for every day of this week and all you have to do is put on your outfits? Sounds pretty easy, right?

Pairing tops and bottoms comes naturally to almost all of us, but is it the right pairing? Is your outfit suitable for the occasion? That’s where we step in. We’ve crafted five exclusively curated looks to make day-to-day dressing so much easier.

Motorcycle-inspired looks are all the rage, especially because they’re uber-comfortable and stylish at the same time. All you need is a pair of acid-wash denims, a sprightly collared t-shirt and the most relaxed attitude you can project!

Did you know that Friday Dressing is actually a runway theme? It implies outfits that can easily transition from a busy working day to night of socialising and partying in a jiffy. Everything goes well with a bold, printed shirt – especially a pair of acid-washed grey jeans and comfy flip-flops.

Is the beach calling out to you? Get some sand between your toes, sip on a cocktail and get a great tan, all while looking your most stylish. Lounging is one activity that needs no effort whatsoever, and this outfit is exactly that. A striped vest and black shorts is the ideal outfit for a day by the sea; you can go ahead and discard the rest!

Whether inside or outside the gym, athleisure is a sure-fire way to get pulses racing. You can keep this look easy, with a plain polo shirt and white joggers. A neon gym bag or shoes can add a pop of colour.

Who doesn’t love the weekend, especially when you can dress your most casual and look your most classy. We’ve always been strong advocates of layering as a way to give old clothes a completely new look. Pick your quirkiest t-shirt and throw a shirt over it. A pair of denims or fitted cotton pants, with Oxfords or brogues, will be a weekend hit!