When the temperatures start to rise and the humidity begins to kick in, we’re all looking for comfort in clothing. Sharp formal dressing doesn’t always require long sleeved shirts, especially when the heat wave hits. These short sleeved creations in summery colours and prints will meet your office and social dress code.

This icy blue shirt with a faint white print will make you feel cool just by looking at it. The toned fit will give you a structured look without looking out of shape. What’s more, the breezy material will keep you going all day.

One look at this, and we’re thinking of the beach! But this versatile piece is a friday workday winner and a great casual weekend option as well.  The print resonates with the season, and the fit is perfect for anytime wear.

The soft and lightweight feel of this classic shirt will make you want to never take it off. The solidity of the colour and the design goes well with trousers, chinos and even shorts.

You can always fall back on the classic checked shirt when you’re running out of time, or options! This shirt comes with slightly tapered edges that give you a good fit.