Things are heating up, not just on the thermometer but also in Being Human stores! Men’s fashion is incomplete without the versatile polo shirts, which have found their way onto our shelves for the upcoming season.

This bright green creation is an enviable addition to any wardrobe. What better way to match the blazing sun?

When we go solid, we go rock solid! This clean grey polo is great for layering. Either throw a jacket over it, or wear a light, full sleeved tee underneath it.

This season calls for colours! In vibrant blue and green, these options have strips running along the shoulders and sleeves to give you a more streamlined look.

Logo alert! We’re keeping the classic look of black and white polos intact, with the addition of logo details along the front.

Dual tones and polos work great together. We’ve played with light and dark shades here, of grey and blue. Widely splayed letters along the sleeves ads a fun touch to an otherwise subtle tee.