Picking shirts and bottoms individually can be easy, but pairing them up isn’t always so. When put together correctly, even the simplest pieces of clothing can receive their due, giving you versatile looks for any occasion. We’re starting you off with the most classic pairing of all – denims and shirts – for everything from parties to formal events.

If you’re picking dark shades, don’t be afraid to go all out. Jet-black denims coupled with a dark blue printed shirt is a bold choice that will put you right in the middle of the fashion brigade. This a great night look.

You’re more likely to pick this look when you’re in the mood for some colour! The shirt, a brown floral creation, is a standout by itself, but when combined with perky blue denims, it creates an outfit that deserves a night out!

A more daytime look, this is a cool, calm combo that has found its way into our book of classic fashion hits. A checked shirt, a must-have for every man, and a light blue pair of denims, is a great pair-up for semi-formal to informal events.

When you put two classics together, you have yourself a powerhouse. Though incredibly strong statement pieces by themselves, the crisp white shirt and the inky blue faded denim find a complementary match in each other.