It’s the time of crisp air, fresh cold breeze and dried autumnal leaves strewn along the streets – that definitely means winter is here! The seasonal change means its time for wardrobe one too, so pull out your long-sleeved t-shirts and your woolly jackets.

You can only have so many winter clothes, but we’ve got a great idea for you to make it look like you’ve got a new outfit on every day. Layering keeps you cosy, and gives you the freedom to play with your outfits, in any way you want.

For the boys who love tees, this one’s a keeper. Pair a collared t-shirt in a lighter colour with a round neck one in a darker colour and voila!

A denim dress, a full-sleeved comfortable t-shirt and boots – what’s not to love? Roll up the dress sleeves to show off the striped ones underneath. Make sure you wear a t-shirt that offers a great contrast to your dress.

Denims and sweats are a great combination. Go for a denim shirt with a collar and short sleeves and top it with a brightly coloured sweatshirt.

A plain tee within a patterned or checked shirt is easy to pull off. You have the choice to keep the top half, the bottom half or all the shirt buttons open. Either way, this will be a head turner.

Hooded sweatshirts or dresses are not easy to layer, but it just takes a good eye to figure out what pairs best. If you’re starting out, we recommend the easy option with a denim or a plain black jacket.

Am up your game with this look. A tee and a sweater, both in solid colours, are a great pair. Ensure that their length varies, and the neck is different, so you don’t look bulked up.