Usually a staple for cooler climates, the long-sleeved shirts are now finding space in wardrobes all year round. That’s not just because they’re super comfortable, but because they’re easy to style, can be layered for a variety of looks, and can be easily paired with practically anything. No matter the season, we’ve got some great looks for you to try out.

Layering is a great way to take an old piece, and give it a new twist. Throw on an old full-sleeved shirt, preferably with a collar, and add a full-sleeved t-shirt over it, preferable without a collar. It’s a great way to play with colours too. We recommend layering with thinner fabrics like cottons and linens, to avoid looking bulky.

When worn by themselves, full sleeves do all the talking. Keep things uncomplicated with these comfortable tees for men and women. After all, simplicity is the best statement you can make!