Denims look their best when they’re tailor-made; when they fit you snugly like second skin, when they are perfectly flared to give you a relaxed, easy-going look, and even when they’re ripped or embellished for that street vibe. Denims are a signature Being Human product, and we’ve listed our most popular pairs for you in this on-trend denim guide.

A modern trend on the runway, the skinny denim has quietly slipped its way into the man’s style files with its tapered look. The light tone ensures that your look remains understated, whereas the slim jogger style can be flattering for many builds. The pockets come with a dark inside fade that works well with the otherwise light tone.

Dark tones suit all body types, and these subtly ripped, slim pants are a balance between too fitted and too loose. If you prefer the trim look, but are uncomfortable with denims that taper too much, this one’s for you.

The unique side pockets are the highlight of this pair. The mid-tone denim comes in a skinny straight fit, which is quite a classic. If you’re not a trend follower, and like to keep your look as understated as possible, we recommend this one.

Let’s step away from the quintessential blue and black for a bit, and focus our attention on the contemporary grey. The skinny, washed look paired with a jogger style is a crowd puller, and is completely wearable for the long term. Take our advice, this one isn’t going out of style for a long time.

The jogger fit is incredibly comfortable and moves with your body. This light tone, high-rise denim jogger is lighter than raw denim and stretches better too. Try it with lace-up or slip-on shoes for even more comfort.