From the runways to the streets, everyone is sporting this chic trend of pairing quirky caps with day-to-day outfits. This easy addition can turn your look around in seconds, and it’s also great to cover up bad hair days! Whether the sun-rays are bearing down on you or not, caps are one of the most stylish accessories for both men and women.

Two tones have become all the rage this season, as they add a dash of colour to your look. Moreover, the balance between a dark and light hue is perfect for a summer day spent out and about in the city. The caps fit comfortably and provide adequate protection from harsh sunlight, making them an ideal pick for the beach as well.

Caps aren’t meant to be just accessories, but items of clothing that round up your look. The options are endless – logo prints, quirky quotes, dual tones, and even varied fabrics. But the classics will always remain the classics! These solid-coloured caps in grey and navy are best suited for when your outfit is meant to be the focus.

A super easy look that never fails, is when you pair black and white together. It’s probably one of the most common clothing combos, so we decided to play around it just a tad. This psychedelic creation won’t throw you into a tizzy, but it will transform your look for sure!

Commonly associated with the hip-hop trend, snapback caps have wider brims. These nifty hats offer more protection from the sun owing to their shape. Visual appeal doesn’t disappoint either – an earthy brown and bright blue caters to both ends of the style spectrum.


Quick tip: For an even more relaxed look, we recommend putting the cap on backwards.