Polos in Power Pastels for Men

It’s always bright and sunny out when you have power clothing on. The latest entrant in the style file this season is the classic polo with a pastel blush. The fresh colours are toned down versions of the brighter pops you often find in outfits in intermediate summer but work brilliantly throughout the year.

Available in yellow, blue, pink and green, these basic polos have a simple design that lets the colours take precedence. Short sleeved, collared and with a streamlined fit, these classic shirts speak volumes about the wearer. If you’re looking to stand out, pick a pastel!






Those new to pastels can keep their look controlled with bottoms in black, dark blue or grey. Avoid bringing in any more colour, except with accessories that won’t hinder the overall look. Find comfort in the fit and colour, which has just the right tinge and will not overpower your look. Go on, be part of a fashion revolution!