Keeping it simple has never been easier than with polos; the collared shirts are nifty items that you can stack up in your wardrobe without an iota of guilt! Once you have the fit right, all you need is a few flattering colours, and you have a slew of outfits all ready to be donned.

A peppy trend that’s never gone out of style, polo shirts for women are a fun way to find the right balance between formal and informal. The collared top can be worn short or long, with pants as well as skirts. Our favourite look is this yellow polo, with a logo lining the sleeves, paired with a blue sleeveless dress or dungarees.

We love the classics, but conventional isn’t really our style. So we went with a bright red polo shirt with a clean black strip along both sleeves, for a fitted look. The unconventionality? You have the option to zip up the collared neck! A subtle logo along the closed zip is an added quirk.

Polos in pink? We approve! These pastel coloured shirts merge the athletic feel of polos with the quiet cheeriness of pink for an easy look.

Printed polos are probably as easy to pull off as the plain ones, especially if they’re in a rich, dark colour. This option comes with an abstract print in earthy colours that won’t overpower your look.