Fashion runways around the world have embraced denim with both arms, and newer styles are being introduced almost every season. And, why not? They’re a smart choice, functional and oh-so-comfortable! The new Being Human line meets all these requirements on your fashion checklists.

Acid washed jeans are not as dark as black or as light as grey. If you’re undecided about what colour to opt for, this can be your saviour! However, if black is your shade of choice, grab our inky pair as soon as you can.

A light blue pair with a drawstring waist finds place in every wardrobe. Its eye-catching shade is easy on the eyes and a great pairing with dark or light shirts.

Cloud wash with literal puffs of white or grey can lighten up a very dark pair. Available in blue and black.

To pull off a very sharp look, a blue-grey pair with a spray wash is worth the investment. With this pair, you can push the classic look and look sophisticated, even in a casual setting.