This summer, all the best buys are usually the ones that you can quickly slip in and out of, and let you move freely. And what better way to perk up your look this season than with one of our short-sleeved shirts in classic and funky colours and patterns to bring out your individuality.

In recent years, besides being accepted as one of the most stylish additions to a man’s wardrobe, the short-sleeved shirt has also become a medium to experiment with eccentric prints and colours. If you want to take a break from your usual style, you can opt for one of these printed shirts in blue or peach and couple it with chinos or even formal trousers for a distinctive look.

Short sleeved shirts are best known for their smart casual look and this one is perfect for a busy Friday at work. A chest pocket adds some timelessness to the piece, while the crisp material is ideal for a structured fit.

The colour of this piece is what makes it a chart topper. Besides, of course, the trusty pockets. With folded hems on the sleeves, this shirt is as versatile as they come. The style gives an unexpected twist to an otherwise simple, earthy colour.

Ready to ‘make waves’ with your style? Well, this shirt is the way to go. Ideal for a weekend lunch, or lounging by the beach, the patterned shirt is a youthful piece that will pep up your mood. The sharp fit will give the right amount of edge to your summer look.