Flip-Flops – The Footwear Of The Season

The sun is bearing down on us, the air is getting balmier by the minute and lethargy has creeped into our daily lives. Clearly, the summer demands for easy, breezy outfits that don’t bring us down. Around the globe, flip flops are the preferred footwear for this season, designed especially for informal occasions.

Mellow Yellows

For a bright touch to your outfit, yellow flip flops are a great option. Touches of black tone down the vibrancy, making your outfit look balanced.

Earthy & Dark

Darker shades of flip flops are great to softly round up an outfit, without overpowering it. Dark yet subtle hues of blue and red in abstract patterns can be worn with even darker outfits to bring in a little bit of colour.

Black Pairings

Black, with grey or white or even by itself, is a universal shade. The colour is so versatile that it goes with any outfit and is suitable for any informal outdoor activities.