Let’s admit it, all of us tend to wear our favourite denims over and over again until they start to wear out. In fact, some of us have trouble discarding them even after that! Whether fresh, faded or ripped, denims can be worn in every one of their fabric stages, offering unparalleled versatility.
Owning more than two pairs is a given with jeans, because you just never seem to have enough. But there is always a certain type that each one of us tilts towards. So it all boils down to the ultimate question – What type of Denim are you?
If you always have a lot going on, and prefer being on your feet and on the move at all times, you’ll prefer these busy, distressed denims. The colours are unusual, but easy to pull off and the style will match your unconventional personality. These are available with zippers, pockets and rips.

If you’re not one to experiment too much with your outfit, and choose comfort over trends no matter the season, you may as well load up on these regular denims with light fades. You’ll find everything you need with these bottoms – an easy fit, multiple colours, free movement and most importantly, the ability to blend in yet stand out.