With the modern, humble chinos, finding the right fit is important but styling them is completely effortless. They should be high on your fashion list this season, as they sit in the centre of the scale between dressy and casual. But don’t worry, with this choice chino collection, you can easily sit on both ends of the scale as well!

The Staples

The easiest way to carry off chinos is first, to try them on! See how they complement your build, ensure that the fit is just right and that the hemline sits at or above the ankle. Next, begin with classic colours like black and white, paired with linen shirts for an easygoing look. You can also opt for white jogger chinos for more relaxed days.

The Nudes

Khaki offers countless opportunities for combinations. Take your pick of colours off the shirt rack, go tucked or untucked, and style with a strong belt.

The Blues

The blue chino is the predominantly versatile one. A great option for the modern day workplace or the Sunday brunch, these pairs work well with casual and formal footwear too.