Imagine lounging on a beach somewhere, listening to the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore. The only thing you probably need to complete the picture (besides a hammock!) is a breezy outfit that helps you relax.

Polos are a hit, no matter where you wear them. They’re easily transitional too – you can from a formal beach party to an informal gathering in minutes, just by changing your bottoms and footwear. If casual is what you’re looking for, pick bright colours like red, yellow and blue, and pair them with neutral shorts and flip-flops.


T-shirts sit on the casual end of the spectrum, but they blend well with formal pairings. A graphic blue patterned t-shirt will go strikingly with a pair of soft brown shorts and either shoes or flip-flops.


Can’t pick between formal and informal? Wear both! A bright green t-shirt with a floral-printed shirt thrown on will give you the leeway to modify your look, the way you want. For downright casual, pick sweat shorts below.