To make a polo t-shirt work for you, you need two things – the right fit, and the right attitude. It’s an unfussy piece of clothing, but can make you look your best. Take inspiration from Salman Khan – a humble pairing of style and class, with a strong personality to round it all up.

We’re almost as partial to our polos as we are to our round-neck tees, and by now, you probably are too! Our carefully designed collection of polos is intended to fit into any man’s wardrobe, no matter what his style mantra.

Let’s start with basics. You can never go wrong with greyscale, so if you’re not a risk taker, we suggest these two polos with subtle prints. However, be sure to add some colour to your look with accessories, to avoid looking too dull.

Keep it classy with this one. We never tire of this easy combination of black and white, mainly because it can do so much to your look! You can go bold with the bottom for this one.

Confused about wearing the right colour? We’re making it easy for you, by giving you light with dark, and a little something in between. You no longer have to make a choice, except about where to wear these!


Monochromes can anchor your outfit, even when you feel all over the place. These collarless creations give you a streamlined look that goes great with a jacket over it. Styling this is as easy as it looks!