Donning the casual look is not as easy as it sounds. You risk crossing the line and looking slouchy, and almost like you haven’t put any effort into your outfit at all. Take some style hints from Salman Khan, and pull off the casual look with ease.

Everything from the colour to the style of your denims can make or break your outfit. Depending on the day ahead, choose from our range of bottoms, all loaded with style.

Lightly faded dark blue denims balance bright pairings, giving you enough leeway to experiment with colours. You can even choose between a drawstring or button-up waist.

A deep black pair or a light blue ripped one can be the silent yet smart companions to printed or graphic tees.

Collared t-shirts are probably the easiest way to offset a look that’s borderline casual. Our polo t-shirts in striking blue and pink, or neutral white and grey perfectly invoke Salman Khan’s devil-may-care attitude!