As we brace for cooler temperatures, our style profiles are quickly catching up. And the front-runner as always, is the iconic Salman Khan. His inimitable style has always been the talk of the town no matter what the season. With the onset of the monsoon and autumn fast approaching, he has been sporting a season trend that’s here to stay – the long sleeved t-shirt.

Go classic, go plain. This pastel coloured t-shirt is one of our favourites, and once you wear it, it’ll be yours too. It’s a stylish pick for busy days and easily pairs with jackets and bottoms.

The essence of our brand is to ‘be you’. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin, choosing outfits that portray your personality to the fullest, and having a strong sense of personal style. This t-shirt says it all, need we say more?

Bringing in a little spunk is never a bad thing, especially when it matches your persona. We recommend this white t-shirt. So even when you’re relaxing with friends, you’re definitely making a statement.

Another one of our white creations, this long-sleeved tee is simple. And sometimes, simple is the best way to go. With our logo emblazoned on the chest, you can head out with a pair of azure blue jeans and loafers for a well-rounded look.